Warriors AmЬіtіoᴜѕ to Land BɩoсkЬᴜѕteг Deal, Bringing LeBron James to Team up with Stephen Curry? RR

The Golden State Warriors actually contacted the Los Angeles Lakers to bring LeBron James to be Stephen Curry’s teammate, not just once but twice in the past.

After the recent transfer exchange market – NBA Trade Deadline 2024, the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers are two teams that have “been at peace”.

Although both the Warriors and Lakers appeared with many rumors, the two teams’ leadership decided not to make any exchange deals, placing all their trust in the available squad.

However, a blockbuster was almost triggered between Golden State and Los Angeles. If it explоded, the entire tournament would certainly be shaken.

According to the prestigious website ESPN, the Golden State Warriors have explored the price and expressed their intention to recruit LeBron James to be Stephen Curry’s teammate.

Everything started with a call from Warriors owner Joe Lacob himself. On the other end of the line was Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeannie Buss with content revolving around bringing LeBron to the Warriors.

Understanding Golden State’s intentions, the powerful female owner of the Lakers refused on the grounds that the team would only accept the exchange if LeBron James himself wаnted to leave.

ESPN further revealed that Ms. Jeannie Buss directed the Warriors to suρer agent Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent. Suρer agent Klutch Sports replied that James has no intention of leaving and will not accept to play for another team.

Another related detail is that Draymond Green, LeBron James’s close brother and the same agent Rich Paul, worked to find a way to lure James to Golden State.

Green privately texted Rich Paul about making LeBron Stephen Curry’s teammate. Draymond was also one of the players who told owner Joe Lacob about recruiting LeBron James

As for the Los Angeles Lakers, the leadership seems to have sensed impatience from the team’s No. 1 star.

They also want to see how LeBron James will personally decide about his future. Finally, Rich Paul confirmed that LeBron currently has no intention of leaving and still wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers at the present time.

This share was used as a response from the Golden State Warriors, including a call from owner Joe Lacob and then technical director Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Although both LeBron James and Stephen Curry are older, both of them are still at their peak. It’s hard to imagine the strength of the Golden State Warriors when they have both James’s comprehensive ball-playing ability and Curry’s top-notch long-range throwing ability.

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