Wагmіпɡ Hearts: Preschooler's Daily Taylor Swift Routine Goes Vігаɩ — 'Can't Help Herself' nobita

Wагmіпɡ Hearts: Preschooler’s Daily Taylor Swift Routine Goes Vігаɩ — ‘Can’t Help Herself’ nobita

For anyone who isn’t a morning person, waking up and getting ready for the day often feels impossible, but one preschooler has left the internet in stitches with a morning routine that gets her in the zone before school.

While doing the school run with her four-year-old daughter, Jes Weiner captured the hilarious moment when young AJ yelled out her favorite Taylor Swift lyrics from the back of the car. AJ loves listening to Swift’s music throughout the journey, but she’s developed a very specific daily routine whenever the song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ comes on.

The song features the lyrics: ‘I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why?’ That’s when AJ can’t help but chant the next line, as she yells: “Because she’s dead” at the top of her voice.

The tiny Swiftie loves listening to that song before school without fail, as Weiner, from Arkansas, told Newsweek that she “requests it every single day.” She couldn’t possibly face the day without jamming to her favorite song in the car.

Weiner said: “She loves Taylor, and she knows many of her songs by heart. She loves music in general, but she’s really loving Swift right now.

“At first, we were listening to ‘Shake It Off’ every morning. One day, she requested ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and we’ve been driving to school with that song for over a month now. The first time she screamed that lyric, it startled me, and I spilled my coffee. We all have our morning rituals and habits that help us start our day – that’s hers.”

Weiner shared the video of her daughter’s “morning routine” on TikTok and it has already been viewed over 72,800 times and gained more than 15,100 likes.

While she loves listening to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ to get herself pumped and ready for school, AJ will happily listen to Swift’s music all day long. Weiner joked that there’s been plenty of occasions when she was searching for her tablet, only to find AJ using it to watch the ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ once again.

“The song ‘Lavender Haze’ came on in the grocery store the other day and the cereal aisle instantly became her stage in that moment. Girl can’t help herself,” Weiner continued.

If AJ shows us anything, it’s that we’re certainly never too young to be a Swiftie, and Weiner loves seeing her daughter feel so empowered by the iconic music. She’s been delighted by the positive response since posting the video on TikTok, and many social media users lauded AJ for embracing the Reputation song.

However, after a month of the same morning routine, maybe it’s time for AJ to discover her next era?

“I’m grateful that Taylor embraces all her eras from the young, to the unhinged, hurt, to the seasoned, wise, and strong. It gives me permission to embrace all of my flaws and strengths. I’m glad that my daughter is growing up with permission and empowerment to embrace all of herself,” Weiner said.

With over 260 comments on the hilarious video, AJ’s morning performances have earned her many new fans. One TikTok user wrote: “I think we should all start our mornings like this. Taking notes from your daughter.”

Another person responded: “She’s giving it 113%.”

While another comment reads: “The best way to start the day.”

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