Uпіqᴜe Compaпioпship: Zoos Provide Emotioпal 'Support Dogs' for Cheetahs Due to Their Timid Nature.

Uпіqᴜe Compaпioпship: Zoos Provide Emotioпal ‘Support Dogs’ for Cheetahs Due to Their Timid Nature.

Emmett, a 10-week-old cheetah, was diagnosed with pneumonia. During his treatment and care, zookeepers made a daring decision: they allowed him to reside with a Labrador.
Everyone believes the leopard to be a vicious and harmful animal. Without their mother, it is very difficult to communicate with the young cheetahs because they are extremely sensitive and timid.

labrador dog

Presently, one out of every ten newspapers in the world are held captive in artificial environments. It is essential that they are able to reproduce in this environment. However, leopard cubs are born extremely timid and unable to communicate. The zoo personnel devised a unique plan to keep them company with friendly small dogs.


Janet Rose-Hinostroza, the manager of animal training at the San Diego Zoo, stated that the canines will have a greater influence on the cubs, who will become calmer and more playful while imitating dog behavior. They are also self-assured and have learned to coexist with other species.


Jack Grisham, director of the St. Louis in the United States, stated, “This is a wonderful story about how one animal can help another species thrive.”


Now, many autistic children are also supported by having a dog, which could potentially enhance their condition. According to zookeepers, it is equally effective with cheetahs.

The little cheetahs are progressively becoming more active and nimble. I’m not sure if they will remain friends in the future, but they have a priceless bond now.

Labrador Dog and Little Leopard
An interracial friendship is endearing.

Labrador dogs are animals that bring pleasure due to their sincerity, wit, and playfulness; this is also one of Tung Loc Pet’s best-selling dog lines for many years.

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