Unforeseen Twist: Chameleon Turns the Tables on a Startled Boomslang ргedаtoг.thorr

This boomslang was caught off guard when the chameleon he tried to eat actually turned the tables on him and fought back!

Chameleon Bites Venomous Snake While Being Attacked

This luxury villa in Hoedspruit is close to where this sighting happened!

The remarkable sighting was captured on camera by 62-year-old Brian Abrahamson during a safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Brian, the owner of Bridev Construction, documented the extraordinary scenes on the Maroela Loop. He shared the footage and sighting with LatestSightings.com.

“We were driving along the Maroela Loop; the scattered Maroela trees provide an amazing backdrop and just give one a tranquil feel. As we took a bend, there was a car stopped on the roadside. My heart raced! What could it be? The gentleman in the other vehicle waved us down and showed us a boomslang hunting a chameleon in a tree that was right next to the road.”

“I was with my close friend Peter, and we decided to stay and watch what was going to happen next. Initially, the boomslang looked like it had the flap-necked chameleon cornered. But the chameleon decided it was not over and began fighting back.”

“The chameleon, surprisingly quick and agile, fought back fiercely, biting the underside of the snake. It even changed colors, shifting from lime to dark green, perhaps to confuse its attacker.”

Chameleon Bites Venomous Snake While Being Attacked

Above them, a brown snake eagle hovered, waiting to seize an opportunity. It was, however, being mobbed by two beautiful lilac-breasted rollers, adding a whole different excitement to this already very captivating sighting.

“The turning point came when the boomslang paused its attack, sensing the eagle overhead. The snake was cautious, afraid of becoming prey itself. But as soon as the eagle left, the snake struck the fatal blow, biting the chameleon below its flap right into its open mouth.”

“The eagle returned, perching on a nearby knob thorn tree. Sensing this, the snake quickly vanished into the grass, leaving the dead chameleon hanging in the dead tree.”

“Always be patient and watch out for the smaller interactions among animals in the bush. Such moments, though often overlooked, can be as thrilling as any big game sighting.”

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