Unconventional Strides: Embracing Life with Backward Legs - A Resilient Journey into Unique Perspectives.

Unconventional Strides: Embracing Life with Backward Legs – A Resilient Journey into Unique Perspectives.

Hmm, sometimes the only way we go through suffering is to go straight through it.

She is called tereza, a disabled woman that has to do everything in her power to take care of her two children that she has.

This has never been easy at all for her, since she cannot work for money that they need as a family.

Obviously, she did not have these kids on her own

She had a man and a father to these two children.

After she had given birth to them, he mysteriously died and up to today they do not know what might have killed him, but they still had to find a way to move on with life.

Surprisingly, Teresa was not at all born like this.

She was born as a normal child, but one day she fell down at school and, according to what she says, she was only 12 years.

When this happened, they tried treatment, but it was too late.

Anyone would wonder how she managed to live with pregnancy while she was in such a condition.

She says that she could crawl down on the ground like this while she was pregnant, but this did not happen anymore.

After her pregnancy was more than six months old, she couldn’t move anymore.

Fortunately, she was assisted by white doctors who came to their village to offer treatment.

They helped her to survive with her baby till time forgiving birth came, and that’s how it all happened.

We had to travel to the far remote village where she lives so that her story can be told to the world.

Locating her was not easy at all, because she does not own a cell phone and she is always on the run to busy places begging for coins to buy food to feed her children.

Finally, we found her after a long day of begging.

She agreed to share with us the story of her life, from where it all started in the very beginning, from the time that she was born and came into this world.

Before what we see today, Teresa was born a normal girl.

She was born in this same village that she still lives in today.

Her parents were more than happy to see her and they carried her home, started taking care of her, just like they always expected.

To do.

Everything at this moment was okay and fine.

The baby was growing up just like others.

She learned to sit, stand, walk and run, just like other normal babies, and this is a stage that they should all undergo.

A few years later, she was ready to start going to school.

Everything was still okay, but it wasn’t for long.

She had to walk to school very early in the morning and come back later in the evening, though she was still very young and everyone in her family was used to eat.

One day she woke up and went to school.

Normally she started playing with other children as usual.

As she was playing, she mysteriously fell down and, as much as she wanted to, she failed to stand up.

The teachers immediately called her parents to come to school and figure out what was happening to their child.

They also said that it was the first time that they had ever seen anything like this happening.

They rushed their Razer to the nearby hospital for treatment and the doctors tried all they could to treat her.

According to what she says, they injected her a lot of times, hoping that she was going to be fine, but this did not help at all.

They were advised to go home and take care of her and they promised that everything was going to be fine, but this never actually happened.

When they got home, the situation was getting worse.

The legs kept becoming bigger and bigger as days went by.

She had to drop out of school because she couldn’t attend class in this condition.

Her parents had to rush her to the nearby hospital for more treatment.

The doctors again injected her with medicine because the legs were becoming so big.

Days later the legs that were so big started becoming smaller and they thought that the situation was getting better.

As the legs got smaller, they started becoming abnormal.

They now got tiny and not just small anymore.

When they went to the hospital, the doctor said that they could do nothing more about her condition.

They asked her to learn and live with it.

She was now disabled.

It was hard for her family to adopt and accept this fact, but as time went by they got used to it.

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