"Tom Hardy's Heartfelt Connection with His Canine Companions: A Unique Bond Explored, from Cherished Memories to Keeping a Beloved Dog's Ashes by His Side"

“Tom Hardy’s Heartfelt Connection with His Canine Companions: A Unique Bond Explored, from Cherished Memories to Keeping a Beloved Dog’s Ashes by His Side”

Tom Hardy and his dogs are the ultimate love story. Better than Twilight.

The Peaky Blinders actor has exposed his furry friend to the many joys of human life. He has acted with them, done photoshoots with them, showered them with kisses, and he regularly posts their endearing pictures on his Instagram handle – which has also turned them into lowkey influencers.

Moreover, the actor also reportedly took his adorable Labrador mix dog (named Woody) to the premiere of his hit film Legend.

In 2021, again, he took his French Bulldog Blue to a private screening of his film, Venom: Let There be Carnage Put; Tom Hardy and his dogs is a love affair that overshadows every other love affair you have ever heard of.

Tom Hardy likes to commit fully to his doggos. The actor has also spoken at length in various publications and in his interviews about how much he is in love with his dogs. Starting in 2007, the actor was all over the news talking about his cutesy Staffie-Labrador dog named Mad Max. If you follow Tom on his Instagram, you will see pictures of him hugging, kissing, and lovingly embracing his pooches.

Is there anything better than seeing a puppy kissing its human? We didn’t think so!


While speaking with the Guardian, The Dark Knight Rises star discussed how hurt and broken he was over the decline in the health of his dog Max.


After Max passed away, Tom was in anguish. He talked about having the ashes of his dog put on a pillow.

He also spoke about how his son and dog could instantly recognize him and how badly he missed that after the dog’s death.


In 2012, Tom was asked if he had any conflicts with his friends. He replied that he didn’t have any friends and much preferred the company of his dogs because his dogs can’t do anything to upset him.

Also, in 2012, Tom protested in an interview about why no poodles were ever asked about the kind of haircut they wanted. Tom sent a big ‘screw you’ to everyone who thought poodles were snarky! Well, this is where we have found common ground with Tom.


Did you know that dogs watch cooking shows? Well! If you didn’t, you should meet Tom’s dogs because he puts his favorite British cooking TV show on for his dogs whenever he leaves the house. He never wants his dogs to feel lonely so when he isn’t there, they can watch his favorite show to make up for his absence.

Now you may love your dog dearly, but do you love them so much that you will say ‘dog/dogs’ 62 times in a conversation with someone? Only Tom Hardy loves his dogs so much that he said dog/dogs 62 times in an interview with Vulture.


Tom Hardy spoke about his dog, who died in 2011. Four years later and Tom still couldn’t get over his dog. That’s the kind of unbreakable bond Tom has with his dogs.

Tom was featured getting a kiss from his dog Woodstock when he went on a campaign to promote dog adoption in 2015.

While filming in Calgary for his drama film Revenant, Tom borrowed a Bernard cross so that he could have the company of his favorite creatures filming. This beauty was named Georgia. Tom went on to say that his ideal fame is when he would walk his dogs down the street, and some people recognize him and come over to say hello.

Also, do you know that Tom does believe in serendipity? He thinks serendipity brought him in contact with his favorite dog, Mad Max. Tom’s affection for dogs is truly something out of this world.

Hardy has made this world so much better. His kindness and love towards animals make him a one-of-a-kind Hollywood legend. His love for dogs is particularly hard to articulate (this isn’t what we think; he feels words fall short when describing his love for dogs).

Tom has had many instances in public life where we got to see up close the kind of love he has for his dogs.

Tom And His Dogs: The Best Love Story Of The Millennium

Do you know who Tom brought to the premiere of his film Legend? It wasn’t some Tinseltown hottie who stole the show during that film’s premiere. All eyes were set on Tom’s dog Woody who was following Tom all over the red carpet. Woody did steal Tom’s thunder as his fans rushed to take pictures with Woody—who happily obliged.

When Woody died in 2017, the star was shattered. When he cremated Woody, he kept thinking about the right place to put his ashes. Finally, he thought of a place where the dog would be closest to him. And that place was his pillow cushion so that he could have the company of his dog whenever he was asleep.

Here is a fun fact: did you know what was Tom’s name for his dog, Max? It was lives-in-hope. And do you know why that name was given to the dog? It’s because Tom thought his dog lived in hope – all the time! He thought his dog was the only creature who would be hopeful and excited for a walk, even on a rainy day! Hence the name lives-in-hope.

By now, you would be gushing with love over all these beautiful stories of Tom and his dogs. Dogs are just like that; they fill your heart with so much love that you start feeling your heart will explode with all that love. Tom has done so much for dogs in general; he has participated in many PETA-run campaigns for dog adoption.

Dogs have cute faces, and their wiggle tails cannot just stand still when they see their human. The beautiful eyes are all set on you, and all they ever demand is love—which is something most people have in abundance for their dogs. We hope these stories of Tom Hardy with his dogs filled your heart with love. Go and play with your dog if you have one; if you don’t, you know you can always stalk Tom’s dogs on his Insta!

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