The dупаmіс dᴜo: defуіпɡ the oddѕ with Glass Bones.thorr

I’m Deja and I’m Awan.

We have couple and we were born with osteogenesis and perfector.

Our bows are like glass.

Together we have broken over 600 bones.




I have type two.

My type is more severe than hers.

We depend on our wheelchairs.

These wheels will take us far.

You that.

So we met through my older sister.

She’s to be on the bus.

She called me.

She told me she met someone that have Oi.

He gave off of their impression that he was the stuff.

Yeah, that was in 2015.

We were messaging every day.

Like every day, all day.

We met each other in person after 7 years.

We never met after seven years, which was crazy.

Yep, we met for the first time.

Finally, he spent the whole weekend with me.

We went out to dinner and she didn’t know what I had planned for her, but the whole plan was to answer: be my girlfriend, and I surprised her.

Maybe like once a week, I think I’ve broken my bones around 400 times.

I was like maybe 200.

We have both fractured ribs just by sneezing before.

So either of us have some type of coughing fit or sneezing fit.

We pause and look at each other and be like: are you okay?

Are you all right?

It’s crazy.

It’s painful, very painful my type.

I’m able to wear cast, but Antoine is not.

In order to put that on, I do have to be put to sleep.

Surprisingly, I have never had any surgeries, so I am thankful for that.

I just had to be home, stay home for a couple of weeks, stay still.

We are very understanding, like when we are hurt, we know how to handle each other pretty well when we need to help each other.

Hey guys, I’m Deja the beauty and I’m Anan the.

I’ve had a Tik Tok since 2020 and then, when I go with Antoine and start posting with him, people would love it.

Cuz everyone Kep ask me to make my own.

So I said, okay, I’m going try it out.

I went on here and I made a video

And it went.

Val, my first video just went crazy.

The comments are good and that people say crazy things.

A lot of people they call us Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

They talk about my fingers, like you know.

First five fingers and all that Y little Fl out here.

Y can’t C little Fl out here and my voice talk about my voice.

We don’t have a voice filter.

I look different, I talk different.

I’m built different.

It says I thought this was a bug on his back.

So he’s responding to that comment.

You thought I was a bug on his back.

She see my cousins, and if you think I’m ugly or you think I’m this, that’s your opinion.

I do not care.

I’m going to sleep with tonight.

I don’t have to ever meet you.

We won’t be on the same level.

I will be up here, you be down there.

I don’t let negative comments just go out the window, just make a joke of it.

Let people know that you’re not hurting me.

You I know you talk about me.

Keep talking.

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