Taylor’s Mom Andrea Swift and Travis Kelce Mom Donna Fix a Date To Meet Over Analytical News. RR

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s mom held hands in a heartwarming moment after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 Super Bowl.

Taylor's mom Andrea Swift and Travis Kelce Mom Donna Fix a Date To Meet Over Analytical News

Donna Kelce kept her son’s girlfriend close as they patiently waited to embrace the Chiefs tight end on the field at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nev., following the 25-22 overtime win on Sunday night.

While Donna, 71, gripped Swift’s hand, the “Love Story” singer, 34, rested her arm on Mama Kelce’s shoulder.

As soon as they got the opportunity, both Swift and Donna smothered Travis, also 34, with hugs and kisses.

Donna, who is also the mother of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, grew emotional as she and Travis embraced.

Travis then ran into Swift’s arms, and she appeared just as thrilled about the Chiefs’ second consecutive Super Bowl victory as the couple packed on the PDA for thousands of spectators.

“Oh, my God,” the pop star told her boyfriend as she gave him a big hug and multiple smooches.

“Unbelievable!” she added as she patted his back.

Following the huge win, the couple hit the Las Vegas Strip to party at XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas with teammates, friends and family.

During one intimate moment, Travis and Swift could be seen dancing to her hit “Love Story” before she pulled him in for another kiss. At another moment, the NFL player made his way to the DJ booth, where he danced to and belted out his girlfriend’s song “You Belong With Me.”

The athlete also managed to reconnect with his longtime friend Machine Gun Kelly, with whom he snapped a selfie during the evening’s wild festivities.

When the couple was all said and done with partying the night away, Swift and Travis, who started dating last summer, held hands as they departed the club together.

In a sweet gesture, Travis gave the “All Too Well” singer his custom Amiri jacket to wear to keep warm as she was dressed in a Dion Lee corset.

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