Taylor Swift Takes Melbourne by ѕtoгm: Performs to a Record Cгowd of 96,000, Marking a Career Milestone. RR

Taylor Swift Takes Melbourne by ѕtoгm: Performs to a Record Cгowd of 96,000, Marking a Career Milestone. RR

By Becca LongmireBecca LongmireTaylor Swift ‘Starstruck’ at Biggest Eras Tour Show Yet in Melbourne

Taylor Swift just hit yet another milestone in her career.

On Friday, the singer, 34, played to the biggest Eras Tour crowd on her entire tour so far, as she took the stage at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

96,000 fans attended the sold-out show, meaning there were more people in the venue than any other concert to date, and she’s had some huge gigs so far, including performing to a 74,000-strong crowd at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in May.

“This is the biggest show that we have done on this tour or any tour I have ever done,” Swift told the crowd in a clip shared on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“That’s the version you get of me tonight, the version that’s completely starstruck by the fact that so many of you wanted to hang out with us on a Friday night in Melbourne,” the “Love Story” hitmaker added.

Taylor Swift performs Eras Tour show in Melbourne on Feb. 16, 2024.


Friday’s gig marked Swift’s first Australian tour since 2018 when she took the stage for her Reputation shows. She’s also set to perform at MCG on Feb. 17 and 18, before heading to Sydney for next weekend’s gigs at the city’s Accor Stadium.

Swift’s Melbourne show comes after she jetted from her Eras Tour show in Tokyo on Saturday to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce help his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, in their victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Taylor Swift performs Eras Tour show in Melbourne on Feb. 16, 2024.

Graham Denholm/TAS24/Getty

Swift and Kelce, who hasn’t been spotted in Australia yet, partied hard after his big Super Bowl win, and despite not getting to spend Valentine’s Day together on Wednesday, he did the “most romantic thing” for her in Vegas.

The NFL star was seen dancing to Swift’s 2008 hit “You Belong with Me” while celebrating the win at Resorts World’s Zouk nightclub in Sin City. Swift was then heard raving about the moment in a sweet video that’s surfaced on social media.

The clip featured Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers — who DJ’d the party — and his girlfriend, model Marianne Fonseca, speaking with the power couple in the club.

“I love how he just came very quickly when your song was on,” Fonseca told Swift in the video.

“That was the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to me,” the “22” hitmaker responded, before exchanging introductions with Fonseca.

Kelce then revealed he almost didn’t make it to the dance floor in time to dance to the track.

“You played it, and I was literally coming out of the bathroom,” he admitted. “I’m like, ‘Yes!’ It was the perfect time.”

“And then we met in the middle,” added Swift. “I was like, ‘What is happening in my life right now?!’”

And while he hasn’t yet been spotted in Australia, in this week’s PEOPLE cover story, a source close to the Kelce family revealed that Kelce is ready to spend time in the offseason supporting Swift, as she did at more than a dozen games during his football season.

“Football is everything to him. He lives and breathes it. But he’s ready for some downtime now and to show up for Taylor the way she has for him,” the insider said. “The attention on them is definitely a lot, but Travis has done a great job deflecting and focusing on what’s important.”

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