Taylor Swift Steps oᴜt Wearing a Black Corset for Dinner With Sabrina Carpenter in Sydney. RR

Taylor Swift is currently in Sydney for the Eras Tour, and stepped out for a casual dinner with Sabrina Carpenter (who’s opening her Australia shows) at a neighborhood trattoria called Pellegrino 2000.

Tay was spotted boarding her plane to Sydney wearing Travis Kelce’s winning Super Bowl hat (cuuuuute), but she opted for a less boyfriend-coded outfit for her night with Sabrina—wearing a black corset, brown mini-skirt, and simple gold chain necklace.


Meanwhile, Sabrina went with a cute polka dot red dress and Louis Vuitton bag:


TBD on where Taylor’s outfit is from at this point (need it in my life immediately), but Nordstrom has a similar tank top for $48 if you’re in the mood to recreate this entire fit:

Just FYI, Taylor’s outing comes amid an extreeeeemely busy February. On top of gearing up for The Tortured Poets Department (album which may or may not have a song about Harry Styles), Tay just performed in Tokyo, flew halfway across the world to watch Travis Kelce and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, and then flew halfway across the world again to perform in Melbourne (where she talked about being “lonely” while dating Joe Alwyn).

But it was all worth it! A source tells People that the Super Bowl “was the most thrilling experience,” and that Taylor’s “loved attending all the games, but this was of course on another level. They partied and celebrated all night. It’s been the best few months for them.”

Meanwhile, Travis and Taylor are “making plans for the summer and are excited to travel together in Europe when Taylor takes her tour there,” so get ready!

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