Sky Vets to the Rescue: Rescuing Elephants in Critical Need. nobita

In a heart-pounding rescue operation, the Sky Vets team sprang into action on a Sunday, demonstrating that emergencies don’t adhere to schedules.

The call came in from Mara Naboisho Conservancy on July 2, alerting them to a distressed mother elephant grappling with a severe spear wound in her abdomen. With her young calves dependent on her, time was of the essence.

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Despite the unavailable SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Vet Unit, the Sky Vets initiative proved invaluable.

Mobilizing the SWT/KWS Meru Mobile Vet Unit, renowned for its adaptability and readiness to venture beyond its usual range, the team swiftly arranged a flight to the southern reaches of the Mara ecosystem.

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Upon arrival, they were met with a heart-wrenching sight: a female elephant, wounded by a spear on her left side, lay beside her milk-dependent calf.

With omental and muscle tissues exposed, the risk of infection loomed large, posing potentially fatal consequences if left untreated.

Dr. Aminga, leading the charge, administered a sedative to the distressed patient. Swiftly and skillfully, the team excised the infected tissue, staunching the bleeding with a ligature.

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Suturing the peritoneum and sealing the wound with a green clay sealant, they breathed new life into the mother elephant, allowing her to reunite with her anxious calves. The prognosis for her recovery appears promising.

Yet, the Sky Vets’ mission was far from concluded. Amidst their ongoing efforts, a distress call arrived from Olare Motorogi Conservancy, reporting a young male elephant with an arrow lodged in his jaw.

Recognizing the gravity of facial injuries in elephants, the team immediately sprang into action, averting a potential tragedy.

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Tranquilizing the injured bull, they delicately removed the arrow, treated the wound, and released him back into the wild with optimism for a full recovery.

This tale epitomizes the critical role of Sky Vets in safeguarding wildlife. Their reach extends to remote corners of Kenya, where their intervention can mean the difference between life and death for imperiled animals.

Generous donations fuel these life-saving missions, ensuring wild creatures receive the urgent care they need during crises.

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