Riley Curry Serves Main-Character Energy at the ESPYs in Head-to-Toe Balenciaga. nobita

Riley Curry Serves Main-Character Energy at the ESPYs in Head-to-Toe Balenciaga. nobita

Riley Curry's Balenciaga Outfit at the ESPYs With Her Family
Image Source: Getty / Momodu Mansaray

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Steph Curry may have been the host of the 2022 ESPY Awards, but it was his daughter Riley’s designer outfit that stole the spotlight. The newly minted 10-year-old wore head-to-toe Balenciaga to the ceremony on July 20, which she attended with mom Ayesha, dad Steph, and younger sister Ryan.

Riley paired a black turtleneck mini dress featuring long sleeves and allover floral embroidery with matching gloves, the latter of which have become Balenciaga’s signature as of late. She finished the look with rubber Balenciaga x Croc slides, a croc-embossed shoulder bag, logo-covered sunglasses, pendant earrings, and a space-bun hairstyle.

The rest of the Curry family also dressed to the nines for the occasion. Ayesha brought the drama in a black and white Mônot dress with a sheer train and daring leg slit, while Steph matched in a crisp Bottega Veneta suit with a white turtleneck. Seven-year-old Ryan looked adorable in a cap-sleeved dress featuring a yellow winged fairy design on the front and rhinestone eyeliner that matched Riley’s. The youngest Curry, 4-year-old Canon, wasn’t in tow for the award show.

Riley’s show-stopping Balenciaga getup was just one of many standout fashion moments from this year’s ESPYs. Ciara stunned per usual in a black long-sleeved gown with a silver bra, gymnast Suni Lee sparkled in a glittery Fendi dress, and “Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson brought major colour in a feathery Prabal Gurung mini dress. Not to mention, Alison Brie‘s bold Roberto Cavalli BDSM-inspired skirt set stirred up some conversation. Check out all the photos of Riley exuding main-character energy at the ESPYs ahead, and keep reading to shop items from her pricey Balenciaga outfit.

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