Rescuer Saves A Dog With A Chubby fасe Then Realizes What Is Wгoпɡ With Him. RR

Rescuer Saves A Dog With A Chubby Face Then Realizes What Is Wrong With Him

Something I have been thinking about recently is just how it is really not easy being an animal rescuer.

More often than not, you will be left heartbroken at witnessing the sheer animal cruelty in the dogs you rescue.

Sometimes, they will have minor injuries paired with hunger and thirst, while other times, they will be in severe pain and just begging someone to help them.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who had a chubby face because the chain around his neck was too tight.

A Heartbreaking Sight

photo of a dog with chubby face
Source: Bakersfield Strays

When a volunteer working for R.A.D. Rescue was just driving on one of the roads in California, she noticed a dog nearby.

She stopped her car, went to have a look, and noticed that he had a really chubby face for some reason.

Upon closer inspection, the reason became clear. The volunteer wrote on a TikTok post: His head was incredibly swollen from having a tight chain around his neck.

close-up photo of rescued dog
Source: Bakersfield Strays

Seeing this level of animal cruelty on a poor dog is truly heartbreaking as he had done nothing to deserve it.

When it became apparent that he needed help fast, the volunteer lured him into her car with some chicken.

A Journey To Recovery

woman holding dog on a leash
Source: Bakersfield Strays

The dog, now named Chunk the Hunk, was now safe with her, and they were heading to the nearest veterinarian clinic in California, so he could get a full checkup.

He didn’t seem to be too concerned, and looked like he was just enjoying the ride despite probably being in a lot of pain.

Fortunately, the vet said that his swollen head was very treatable and that he would recover in no time with proper treatment.

It’s amazing to see just how much Chunk was able to recover in such a short time.

man hugging the dog on grass
Source: Bakersfield Strays

After he was doing a lot better, his rescuer thought it was necessary to help him learn how to enjoy things, as he had spent most of his life chained up.

Chunk was learning so many new things, and he started showing his outgoing personality a lot more. It was now time to help him find his new family.

The search was not easy, but the workers at R.A.D. Rescue were not planning on giving up until they found someone.

He was patient and would not let anything deter his spirit. In just a few months, Chunk had found his forever home, and he is living his best life now, thanks to his amazing rescuer.

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