Puppy The Size Of A Granola Bаг, Given Zero Chance To Survive, Beаtѕ All The Oddѕ. RR

Puppy The Size Of A Granola Bаг, Given Zero Chance To Survive, Beаtѕ All The Oddѕ. RR

Puppy The Size Of A Granola Bar, Given Zero Chance To Survive, Beats All The Odds

We are there for our dogs in sickness and in health. We would never leave them at their worst, nor would they ever leave us.

It saddens me to see that some dog owners think otherwise, and that they abandon their furry friends who have health issues.

Guppy Hanson was abandoned by both her birth mom and her owners because she had a deformed leg and low chances of survival.

Let’s follow her journey as she finds loving humans who accepted her as she was and gave her a forever home.

Guppy Hanson

little newborn puppy
Source: Facebook

Guppy Hanson, a Shih Tzu and Beagle mix, was born in Wetumpka, Alabama, on April 27th in 2022. She was one of four puppies, but her mom rejected her because she had a leg deformity.

She was the size of a granola bar, weighing in at 4 ounces. Thinking that she didn’t have any chance to survive, her owners left her at Bryson Veterinary Clinic.

The vets recognized Guppy Hanson’s fighting spirit, and they believed that she would survive. They made a plan and the staff members decided to nurse her in shifts at home.

Becky Yourman, one of the staff members, was the first to take the puppy to her home. As soon as her daughter, Jess Lane, saw the tiny pooch, she fell in love with her.

She named her Guppy Hanson… Guppy, because she was small like a little fish, and Hanson, because of the character, Hanson, in Scary Movie 2.

Little puppy with size smaller than chocolate bar
Source: Facebook

The Yourman family bought her the necessary supplements to help her recover faster.

As days went by, the pup became stronger and stronger. When she was three months old, she was old enough to have an X-ray. That’s when the Yourman family found out that Guppy lacked a shoulder joint, along with a few more bones.

Her deformed leg didn’t hurt her, and the vet said that it didn’t have to be removed.

You Are Loved

Dog standing in the park
Source: Facebook

Thanks to the abundance of love she received in her forever home, the puppy continued to flourish.

Guppy Hanson never felt the love and cuddles of her real mom, but the family’s other dog, Libby, took on that role.

“[Libby] turned out to be a great surrogate mother for Guppy. She would clean her and love on her,” Lane said.

The Yourmans noticed that their pup never looked at them when they called her name, and she didn’t react to loud noises. They took her to the vet and they found out that their loving puppy was deaf.

Enjoying Life

cute dog sitting in the house
Source: Facebook

Guppy didn’t let her leg deformity stop her from enjoying her life. She discovered her love for digging and it soon became one of her favorite hobbies.

Climbing the steps was a bit of a challenge, but she overcame that obstacle, too. She learned to jump without her arm getting hooked on the steps. From the day she was born, she proved herself to be a real fighter.

She loves chewing on her favorite toys and blankets, and enjoys when her family takes her for a ride in a stroller.

Her forever family makes sure she knows that she is immensely loved every single day.

“My son hugs her every day and tells her, “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world, yes, you are! He’s not wrong,” Lane said.

Everyone who saw Guppy Hanson couldn’t help falling in love with her story and her goofy and adorable personality.

Dog playing with paper rolls
Source: Facebook

Guppy Hanson is very active on her Facebook page, and she regularly updates her followers about her everyday activities and hobbies. Her most recent favorite thing is playing with empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

She celebrated her first birthday in April, and her family held a fundraiser in her honor. The transformation Guppy Hanson went through is obvious. She is now beaming with joy.

We are thrilled that she found happiness with her forever family. Both Guppy Hanson and her family are very lucky to have each other.

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