Party Time: LeBron James Lets Looѕe in Miami Despite Pɩауoff Absence. nobita

Party Time: LeBron James Lets Looѕe in Miami Despite Pɩауoff Absence. nobita

What? No playoffs? Not a problem!

LeBron James was partying hard in Miami over the weekend, with his dismal LA Lakers out of the NBA playoffs and whispers that he could be moved.

A source told us that James was seen out every night over the celebrity-packed Miami Grand Prix weekend. We understand that when the lights came on at one party, James was seen grabbing some bottles of his own tequila brand, presumably to keep things going after hours.

LeBron James laughs it up with James Corden in Miami.

According to sources, James spent “four nights in a row” at Carbone Beach, including Sunday night, when rap legend Nas performed.

According to an anonymous source: “Lebron was definitely in Miami looking to party… on Saturday night when the lights came up [at Carbone], he was pulling bottles of his own tequila out of the bar and walking out with it.”

LeBron James and David Backham

James was also photographed with David Beckham at Carbone Beach.Getty Images for Carbone Beach.James is a supporter of the premium tequila company Lobos 1707.

“People couldn’t believe he was at Carbone four nights in a row,” one insider informed us. He also has a close relationship with famed chef Mario Carbone and frequently visits his restaurants.

According to reports, James could be dealt following the Lakers’ disappointing season. He’s up for a contract renewal on August 4.

According to Page Six, the NBA player attended the Carbone venue on Sunday alongside newlyweds Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, Jamie Foxx, Lindsey Vonn, Kevin Love, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, Rich Paul, Meek Mill, Timbaland, and others.

A source stated that on another night at Carbone, “LeBron was in a really wonderful mood. He was the life of the party. He shot a lot of pictures of people and walked around the room. “He was the happiest person in the world.”

LeBron James and Busta Rhymes

On Friday night, James was spotted at Carbone with David Beckham and James Corden.

James was also spotted at GALA Miami on Sunday night, along with Jamie Foxx and Meek Mill, who was reportedly partying in a purple Rolls-Royce convertible.

Foxx is reportedly said to have performed with Tyga at a “F1 OAK” party at the XXIII Club on Friday. When questioned about his friend Dave Chapelle, who was recently accosted onstage at the Hollywood Bowl and helped fend off the perpetrator, Foxx reportedly stated, “My friend was in trouble, and I had his back.” But tonight is all about love and fun. Let’s party!”

Scott Storch, Jonathan Cheban, Logan Paul, and UFC champion Georges St-Pierre were also present at the club, where they spent $10,000 on liquor and tipped another $2,000.

At SLS Southbeach, “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul presented their Dos Hombres mezcal to guests.

A representative for James did not immediately respond.

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