Paleontologists Discover Giant Frog on Madagascar’s Cretaceous Island with Extensively Large Mouth Capable of Swallowing Dinosaurs

In the distant era of dinosaurs, it seems that all animals have become much larger than our time, and frogs are no exception.

Beelzebufo – Giant Demon Frog Capable of Swallowing Dinosaurs

Paleontologists have discovered a giant frog living on the Cretaceous island of Madagascar. This giant frog has an extremely large mouth; when fully opened, it can swallow dinosaurs, which is why paleontologists have named it Beelzebufo – giant demon frog, devil frog…

In fact, there is still another extremely large frog on our earth today, the Giant African Bullfrog Conraua goliath, which lives in Africa.

The Giant African Bullfrog inhabits the tropical rainforests of southern Cameroon and northern Equatorial Guinea and can grow to over 30 cm tall and weigh 3 kg. If you stretch the hind legs of a Giant African Bullfrog, its length can reach 1 m from head to toe.

Although the Giant African Bullfrog is quite large, when placed next to a demon frog, they immediately become small babies.

Demon frogs have a body length of over 40 cm and a body weight of 4.5 kg. If you stretch the hind legs of a demon frog, its minimum length will be 1.5 m.

In 2008, paleontologists named them Beelzebufo, which is a combination of the words “Beelzebub,” meaning devil in the Bible, and “bufo,” meaning toad or frog.

Comparing the size correlation of demon giant frogs with that of adults.

Although they were only named in 2008, the fossil of this species was discovered in 1993 in Madagascar by David W. Krause of Stony Brook University, USA.

A total of 75 fossils were found, and after collecting and pairing, paleontologists obtained an almost complete fossil skeleton of this species with a giant skull.

Its size was many times larger than that of common frogs and toads today.

Based on the discovered photographs, paleontologists conclude that this is the largest frog known so far, not only that, but also a very important issue.

Its mouth measures 15 cm wide and has a maximum force of 2,200 N, equivalent to some of the most fearsome ticks on the planet today. In fact, they don’t need to fight, but their job is to hide and wait for the king to pass, then use their giant tongue to catch or jump and swallow the king.

A simulation of the sketch of a giant demon frog based on found fossils.

Today’s frogs mainly eat insects and are completely different from demon giant frogs; they need more food to fill their huge stomachs. So what is their food?

To answer this question, archaeologists must date their fossils.

Demon frog fossils were found in the Maevarano Formation, a sedimentary rock formation from the Cretaceous period dating back almost 70 million years.

In this Maevarano Formation, paleontologists have discovered a large number of dinosaur fossils such as Majungasaurus, Rahonavis, snakes, fish worms, and even mammals.

Illustration of a giant demon frog devouring a newborn Majungasaurus.

Marc Jones, a researcher at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Adelaide (Australia), said that with their large bodies, mouths, and huge mouths, their food could be completely animals of the same size, similar to other frogs, snakes, and rodents.

So, did this giant demon frog really eat dinosaurs? The answer is yes.

In the world where demon frogs live, there are many species of dinosaurs that still exist, although their size is no longer as massive and large as their previous relatives, and there would be no reason for giant frogs to refuse to eat dinosaurs.

Giant demon frogs and South American horned frogs Ceratophrys share many similarities except for their size. Both have round bodies and wide mouths, so researchers have now used South American horned frogs to indirectly study the strength of demon frogs.

But, in fact, giant demon frogs cannot eat adult dinosaurs because they are too large for the mouth of this species, so they can only bite and swallow small dinosaurs.

Newly hatched dinosaurs are also their favorite prey, but as adults, dinosaurs will consider the giant demon frog as their fat prey.

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