Man Utd Fans Disheartened by Leaked 2024/25 Away Kit, Dubbed 'One of the Woгѕt Ever'. nobita

Man Utd Fans Disheartened by Leaked 2024/25 Away Kit, Dubbed ‘One of the Woгѕt Ever’. nobita

MANCHESTER UNITED fans have been left devastated after their new away kit was supposedly “leaked” online.

Erik ten Hag’s side have provided little for their supporters to cheer about on the pitch this term.

Man Utd's new away kit has allegedly been leaked

Man Utd’s new away kit has allegedly been leaked

Fans soon took to X to vent their anger at the design

Fans soon took to X to vent their anger at the design

And they were even embarrassed when reaching the FA Cup Final with Man City after they survived blowing a three-goal lead to Coventry before beating them on penalties.

They failed to retain the Carabao Cup while the Red Devils were also dumped out of the Champions League at the group stages.

And their Premier League form has left little to get excited about.

Saturday’s dismal 1-1 draw at home to Burnley left them sixth in the table with just four matches left to secure European football.

The dire campaign has piled pressure on Ten Hag, who is wanted back at old club Ajax, after Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s purchase of 25 per cent in the club.

The players who will still be playing for United next season have reportedly been “leaked” what they would supposedly be wearing on away games by an Instagram account named “jerseyreview,” despite the manager’s future still being up in the air.

The new sponsor Snapdragon is featured on the front of the all-blue Adidas number, which has an eerily similar appearance to the cricket shirt worn by England.

And it did not take long for United’s followers to give their damning verdict on the new design on social media after the alleged “leak”.

“This could easily be one of the worst jerseys I have ever seen,” replied one stunned fan.

Another claimed that it “looks like a cricket kit” while it was also branded “awful”.

A fellow supporter said: “Team about to drop several stinkers in this shirt.”


A fifth wrote: “This looks like we gan get major Ls wearing this.”

Another declared that it was a “true stinker”.

An eighth wrote: “That is a disgusting design.”

A ninth asked: “Wtf is this ??”

While a tenth stated that it was simply “garbage”.

Some United fans slammed the 'awful' design and said it looked like a 'cricket' top

Some United fans slammed the ‘awful’ design and said it looked like a ‘cricket’ top

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