“Loyalty Unleashed: Devoted Dog’s Heroic Stand to Protect Unconscious Owner – A Heartwarming Scene of Unbreakable Bond (Video)”

A dog has always been known to be ‘a man’s best friend’. They are loyal, energetic, and love spending time with their owners, who usually consider them as their own children. Such an incident that has proven a dog’s devotion to his master was when the night patrol police in Colombia’s Cundinamarca province encountered a drunk man lying on the sidewalk, and a black dog was sitting beside him. A police officer approached the man, who reeked of alcohol and was unconscious on the sidewalk, but the dog began to bark, seemingly preventing him from coming closer.

The incident happened in Ubaté, Cundinamarca, Colombia, around 3:00 in the morning. Police officer Gabriel Guerrero and his colleague were patrolling the area when they witnessed a man lying unconscious on the ground. They were curious if he had passed out from an injury or otherwise. When they approached the man and realized he passed out from being drunk, they tried to lift him. A black dog beside him began to bark at the police when it realized what they were doing. It continued to bark at them so they would back up. It turns out that the dog was loyal to its owner and guarded him from strangers.

Checking the area, they discovered that the man lying on the ground lived at the house right behind him. A key was inserted in the doorknob, so they assumed he was trying to unlock the door to enter his home. However, he inserted the wrong key and suddenly passed out from drunkenness. The police tried to unlock the door again but to no avail. They knocked on the door and tried to approach the unconscious man multiple times, but the dog still interfered. Finally, after about 15 minutes and knocking at the door several times, a woman answered and unlocked the door.

As the woman opened the door, the dog ran into the house, wagging its tail as though it was excited that his master was safe. The woman revealed that the drunk man’s name was Camilo. The dog re-emerged from the house and returned to the unconscious man while the woman attempted to wake him. She assured the police officers that she would take care of the matter from then on. The police agreed and went on their way back to patrolling nearby areas.

Police officer Gabriel Guerrero shared the video of the minor incident on his social media. In his post, he praised the black dog for being loyal to his master and stayed beside him on the sidewalk. However, Officer Guerrero wrote a small message on his video post: “If you want to drink, don’t drive. If you’re going to get drunk, take your best friend … a faithful dog.”

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