Lamz.Revolutionizing Mobility: CNIM Secures Contract with Polish Armament Agency for PFM Motorized Floating Bridges



CNIM Awarded Polish Armament Agency Contract to Supply PFM Motorized Floating Bridges
CNIM Awarded Polish Armament Agency Contract to Supply PFM Motorized Floating Bridges

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CNIM Systèmes Industriels has inked a multi-million-dollar deal with the Polish Armament Agency, solidifying its commitment to supply PFM (Pont Flottant Motorisé) motorized floating bridges to the Polish Armed Forces. The second contract, signed on February 2, 2024, by Xavier Montazel, Director of the Defence Business Unit, during his visit to Poland, involves the delivery of an additional 700 meters of bridges. This marks a strategic and enduring collaboration between the Polish Army and CNIM Systèmes Industriels, with the initial 200 meters of bridges already in production at the company’s workshops in La Seyne sur-Mer, located in the south of France.

The newly enhanced PFM boasts state-of-the-art tactical and technical capabilities, enabling the crossing of the heaviest vehicles (MLC 90T/100W), unparalleled ease of construction and rapid deployment, a minimized logistical footprint, and corrosion-resistant aluminum. Highly mobile and easily deployable, this motorized floating bridge ensures a secure and swift crossing for logistical vehicles and battle tanks of all classes, including the Abrams SEPv3 version. The implementation of these advanced bridges is expected to significantly enhance the mobility of Polish forces across Poland, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Expressing gratitude for the renewed trust, Xavier Montazel said, “We would like to thank our customer for its renewed trust. As a reliable partner of the engineering forces, CNIM Systèmes Industriels reasserts its position as a key player in the supply of high-performance crossing systems.”

The Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM) serves as a dedicated solution for continuous or discontinuous crossing of wet gaps, such as lakes and rivers, for MLC 90T/100W class vehicles, as per STANAG 2021 standards. Beyond military applications, the PFM can also be employed in civilian operations during natural disasters like severe floods and bridge collapses. Already in active service with the French Army, the PFM is the preferred tactical solution for Land Forces, offering two configurations: a fixed bridge or a ferry. With a rich history dating back to 1979, CNIM Systèmes Industriels has consistently developed durable systems for land force projection, constantly evolving to meet the crossing requirements of NATO armies and doctrines. The PFM’s adaptability is showcased through its 10-meter and 6.75-meter sections, equipped with high-performance integrated outboard motors, and controlled by a unique remote control and command system, facilitating rapid and efficient crossing. This innovation results in a reduced logistical footprint and personnel requirements. The New Generation Motorized Floating Bridge includes various sub-systems with different configurations, making the PFM the most flexible solution on the market, featuring the PFM LG and the PFM XP as its main configurations.

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