Lamz.Resurgence with a Vengeance: Jason Statham's Return Packs an Even More Satisfying Punch

Lamz.Resurgence with a Vengeance: Jason Statham’s Return Packs an Even More Satisfying Punch

WHEN it comes to action films, Jason Statham is the bee’s knees – but the new Sky Original film The Beekeeper tops anything you’ve seen. In cinemas from January 12, Statham’s latest combines all you want in an action flick – bruising punch-ups, spectacular stunts, killer kiss-off lines – then cranks it up to the max. Add a gripping yarn about cyberscams, plus a stellar supporting cast, and The Beekeeper is a must-see for any action junkie or thriller fan. Any questions? We’ve got you covered…

A day in the life of an apiarist? You must be kidding…


Er, not exactly. The Beekeepers are a super-secret organisation who work outside the established government agencies when the nation is under threat and all else has failed. They protect the hive – if you kick the hive, you reap the whirlwind.


He was – but at the beginning of the film, he’s just a literal keeper of bees. Adam Clay lives a quiet life in the country, bringing his neighbour Eloise (Phylicia Rashad) honey like a bald-headed Winnie-the-Pooh. When Eloise falls victim to phishing scammers who steal $2million from her charity, Clay comes out of retirement and starts a rollercoaster of revenge. And it will take more than a can of Raid to stop him.


He is a one-man army, but only for good. He’s a champion of the disadvantaged, a protector of the little people.


They are a pretty formidable gang. The Big Bad is Derek Danforth, the CEO of Danforth Enterprises. He is a spoiled nepo baby who skateboards around his vast office, indulges in meditation and spouts corporate buzzwords such as “let me go Big Dog this s***” – but don’t be fooled by the new-age shenanigans. He is a ruthless cybercriminal, running a network of scamming operations that fleece the gullible. He’s brilliantly played against type by Josh Hutcherson, who makes Danforth eminently dislikeable.


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