Joyful teагѕ and Celebratory Dances: Elephant Rescued and Released Into the wіɩd, Embraces Freedom.thorr

After breaking free from captivity, Gan Da enjoyed her first day of freedom by indulging in a variety of delicious treats. This courageous elephant’s escape from a trekking camp highlights the inhumane training techniques inflicted on many Asian elephants.

At 40 years old, Gan Da, affectionately known as Darling, probably doesn’t have many memories of a time before her days working at the trekking camp. She has essentially grown up there, most likely being taught through the tough method known as “crushing” like everyone else.

According to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), there are more than 3,500 elephants in captivity and around 3,200 in the wild in Thailand. WFFT, known for operating an elephant sanctuary, expressed joy over an Australian woman agreeing to sponsor Gan Da’s rescue and transfer to the refuge. This act not only gives Gan Da the chance to live freely but also calls for a celebration.


The Wildlife Rescue Center Elephant Refuge for WFFT received a request from Gan Da’s owner to retire her from the tourism industry. Fortunately, a recent fundraiser for elephants in Sydney, Australia, enabled them to rescue her. As a result, Gan Da’s chains were finally taken off this week, and she eagerly embarked on a journey towards a new and promising chapter in her life.

It’s hard to say for sure what was going through Gan Da’s mind as she was taken to the sanctuary, but a quick peek at a picture captured her happily wagging her tail as the vehicle turned off the road towards her fresh abode.

The individuals at the sanctuary welcomed her with open arms and guided her through her new abode, filled with vibrant greenery and trees waiting to be discovered.

She also relished a calming shower from a garden hose.


Upon arriving from her journey in northern Thailand, Gan Da was filled with joy as she finally got off the truck and had the chance to stretch her legs, as shared by WFFT on social media. Her first day of being free from chains was spent happily munching on various treats, while she adapted to her new life with gratitude.

Taylor mentioned that the girl is very kind and is really enjoying her independence at WFFT. She is starting to bond with the other elephants at the sanctuary, and Taylor is optimistic that she will form strong friendships and have a happy retirement with her new elephant family.

If you want to show your support for Gan Da’s retirement, consider making a contribution to the refuge in their honor.

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