Introducing Frederick the Great: The World's Most Magnificent Equine Marvel. nobita

Introducing Frederick the Great: The World’s Most Magnificent Equine Marvel. nobita

Frederick the Great, also known as the most beautiful horse in the world, turns heads wherever he goes. One look at the horse makes it clear why it is known as the most beautiful horse in the world.

Although the Friesian horse breed is considered one of the most beautiful horse breeds, Frederick the Great takes beauty to a whole new level.

Born in the Netherlands, he was imported to the United States when he was six years old. He now lives at Pinnacle Friesians, a farm in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, he is a purebred Friesian stallion.

Followers of Frederick the Great on social media

Câu chuyện về ngựa thuần hóa!

Frederick the Great has always had a lot of admiration and currently has more than 92 thousand “likes” on Frederick the Great’s Facebook page. Frederick The Great is trained in Dressage and always leaves a great impression when he enters the arena.

The stallion, now 18 years old, is known as the “real-life beauty” or “story stallion” for his remarkable good looks.

Stacy Nazario, owner of Pinnacle Friesians, said there was something very special about the stallion when she first saw him. She bought him and took him to her farm in Arkansas.

“It lights up when it’s in the sand or when there are photographs. It’s almost like watching a celebrity, you know, the difference between when they’re at home and under the lights,” Nazario said.

The amazing stud has been a guest star on the Late Show with Stephen ColƄert.

Gặp gỡ "ngựa tóc dài" đẹp trai lãng tử nhất thế giới

Nazario also points out that Frederick the Great is a gentle giant. “His temperament is sweet,” says Nazario. “I could put a right next to him and he would be nice to him.”

Your makeup routine

Like many of us, Frederick the Great has a very intense beauty routine. “It usually takes about three hours,” Nazario said. “To wash his hair, to condition his hair, to dry his hair,” he added.

It’s easy to see how this captivating stallion has won the hearts of thousands of people around the world. “People fly in from all over and just want to be with him,” said owner Stacy Nazario.

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It is clear to see why this stallion is so loved by his admirers around the world. His style, class and beauty of him truly set him apart in the horse world!

The most beautiful horse in the world will continue to leave its mark on our hearts for years to come.

Below is an impressive video of Frederick:

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