Heartwarming Charmer: Short-Legged Dog Melts Hearts as it Patiently Waits for Free Fried Chicken from the Stall. RR

Heartwarming Charmer: Short-Legged Dog Melts Hearts as it Patiently Waits for Free Fried Chicken from the Stall. RR

This sweet golden retriever has captured the stall owner’s heart as well as many of hearts online with his clever trick of getting free fried chicken!

The clever dog is shown sitting in front of a fried chicken stand and gazing at a pile of freshly cooked fried chicken in a number of funny images.

Before it became widely popular online, it was first submitted by an unidentified user.

“I observed the dog sitting in front of a stall selling fried chicken, his gaze concentrated on the food. The description reads, “He even resisted leaving and stayed seated in front of the stall like a seal.

Please complete my order quickly. It has taken some time for me to wait.

The cute puppy may have been patiently waiting for his owner to see him sitting outside the stall in order to receive some complimentary fried chicken

The dog, however, may have been impatiently waiting for too long since when his order for fried chicken doesn’t come, he pouts and displays a glum countenance.

Due to the dog’s amusing reaction, pictures of the dog sitting in front of the fried chicken stall rapidly became viral online.

However, several people noted that eating fatty food like fried chicken and sitting in such a position are bad for dogs because it will harm their spines.

Nevertheless, this adorable and perceptive dog deserves praise for his tenacity in trying to obtain some free fried chicken!

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