From Streets to the Sea: A Cat's Incredible Journey to Reunite with Its Owner.

From Streets to the Sea: A Cat’s Incredible Journey to Reunite with Its Owner.

A cat was found walking around the street asking for help. He later traveled across the ocean to be with his person.

Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid was contacted about a friendly cat who had been abandoned outside at a dumping ground. A volunteer rescuer rushed to the area with a carrier and quickly spotted the cat.

He was much bigger than what they had envisioned based on a photo from the finder. The cat would follow people to their cars, as if he was ready to get back into cozy indoor life.

“Our volunteer put the carrier down, and he walked into it all by himself,” Alina shared with Love Meow.

He was found abandoned on the street of Kuwait

“I thought he was a small kitten but turned out he was a big handsome gentleman.”

It’s not uncommon to see abandoned purebred cats on the streets of Kuwait. Alina and her team of volunteers work tirelessly on the ground to rescue animals in the hopes of giving them a better life.

He followed people to their car

Liam was about 10-12 months old when he was found wandering around the area, hoping someone would scoop him up and take him somewhere safe.

With the help of individual animal rescuers, Liam was lucky to be taken off the streets in a timely manner.

Alina took Liam home to foster, so he could have a comfortable place to stay while they began searching for a loving, forever home for him. After a few days, Liam warmed up to Alina and bloomed into an adorable bundle of love.

“He started to trust me, and he was relaxed, playful, and purring nonstop.”

He settled into his foster home and started to blossom

After Liam was neutered and fully vetted, he was ready to find a place of his own. Kuwait Animal Aid works with partner rescues from the US to get these animals into good homes.

Hannah Freund and her sister Hailey learned about these rescued cats through Kitty Love Kuwait. Hannah fell head over heels for Liam when she came across his post, and wanted to give him the happily-ever-after he so deserved.

He was flown across the ocean to meet his forever family

After going through the adoption process, it turned out to be the perfect match. Liam was on schedule to fly across the ocean to join his new mom in Maryland.

When that day arrived, Liam was picked up by a volunteer at the airport and transported to his forever home. The sweet cat, now renamed Jax, snuggled right into Hannah’s arms as if she had always been his person.

Liam, now renamed Jax, cuddled with his human mom

“He warmed up right away, and was very attached from day one. He’s calm, loving, and a cuddle-bug,” Kimberly Ann, Hannah’s mother, shared with Love Meow. “Jax is happy to be at his new home. Hannah is in love with him.”

Not only did Hannah find her best friend from Kuwait, but so did her sister, Hailey.

Hailey opened her home and her heart to a beautiful, affectionate tabby cat, Xylo (formerly Donovan from Kitty Love Kuwait).

Jax went to his first vet appointment with his forever family. He became an instant favorite, charming the staff with his endearing personality.

His first vet visit in a new continent

Jax walked into the cat carrier on that fateful day and never looked back. Now, he’s thriving in his loving home with his favorite person, living the dream life he’s always wanted.

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