fn.The rescued cat wouldn’t go anywhere because she was so eager to “help” her sister while she was giving birth.

fn.The rescued cat wouldn’t go anywhere because she was so eager to “help” her sister while she was giving birth.

A rescued cat was so eager to “help” her sister while she was giving birth. She wouldn’t go anywhere.

Soda and Sonya are bonded sistersBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

Two feline sisters came into an animal shelter after an owner surrender, and their inseparable bond was immediately noticeable.

Soda (black) was heavily pregnant, and her sister, Sonya (gray), was glued to her side, constantly kneading on her belly. The mother cat needed a safe place to raise her kittens, and her sister couldn’t stand being apart from her.

A volunteer contacted Be Their Voice Animal Rescue and asked if they could take them both.

Soda and her kittensBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue


“We wanted to work to get Soda out of the shelter before she gave birth,” Aimee of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue shared with Love Meow. “These two girls were so very bonded that we wouldn’t even consider separating them.”

A foster family opened their home and their hearts to the bonded sisters and prepared a birthing suite for the cat mom. Soda was so glad to have a comfy space to stretch out.

Sonya insisted on helping her sister during laborBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

A couple of days later, Soda went into labor and delivered her first two kittens, with Sonya snuggling her the whole time.

Sonya acted like Soda’s birth coach or a doula. At one point, she was “helping a little too much,” so Soda pushed Sonya’s face, trying to make room for herself.

At one point, Sonya was “helping” a little too much BeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

“Sonya had to be temporarily removed so that Soda could focus on the task at hand.”

Eventually, Soda had four healthy kittens and one that sadly wasn’t viable. Sonya immediately came to help clean the babies, supporting Soda in every way possible.

Soda’s four kittens and an adopted baby (tortie)BeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

The four newborns never lacked an ounce of love, getting attention from both cats. The sisters curled up in a fluffy pile with the kittens nestled cozily in the middle. Sonya would tend to the babies whenever Soda needed a break.

Of the four, there were three house panthers, Soda’s little mini-mes, and a gray kitten resembling Sonya.

Soda and Sonya are raising the kittens togetherBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

Two days later, Aimee received a rescue request about a little orphaned kitten found without a mother or siblings. The tortie was about the same age as Soda’s litter and cried incessantly for a mother’s love.

“We wanted to see if the moms would accept her. And they readily did, just like we knew they would.”

Norrie Jr came to the rescue as an orphanBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

When they placed the tortie in the nest, the sisters immediately took her into their cuddle pile. Soda started cleaning and feeding the new baby as her own.

“Maybe the universe was making this family whole again after the stillborn by saving the singleton.”

Soda and Sonya accepted the new kitten as their ownBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

The tortie, Norrie Jr, quickly became part of the big family, cuddling and nursing alongside her new siblings.

“All of the kittens are doing well and thriving. They’re in such a cute roly-poly stage right now. They’re not really mobile but really want to be. Sister moms are doing great keeping everyone clean and appropriately snuggled.”

All five kittens are thriving in foster careBeTheirVoiceAnimalRescue

Soda and Sonya continue to raise their kittens as a team, rarely spending a moment without one another.

Once the kittens are old enough to be independent, the two will retire from motherhood and enjoy their life, knowing they will always have each other.


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