EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce Surprises Taylor Swift with Thoughtful Gifts Worth $8k, Including ‘300 Roses Matching Her Dress’ Post-Grammys. RR

EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce Surprises Taylor Swift with Thoughtful Gifts Worth $8k, Including ‘300 Roses Matching Her Dress’ Post-Grammys. RR

EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce Surprises Taylor Swift with Thoughtful Gifts Worth $8k, Including ‘300 Roses Matching Her Dress’ Post-Grammys

Travis Kelce 'sends Taylor Swift $8k gifts that define her' after Grammys including '300 roses matching her dress' | The US Sun

The NFL star spared no expense in honoring his record-breaking girlfriend after her historic Grammys success.

Travis Kelce, amid the crescendo of his career, made a grand gesture by showering Taylor Swift with lavish gifts, according to an insider.

As he gears up for the pinnacle of American football with the Super Bowl on the horizon, Kelce reportedly took time to celebrate Swift’s remarkable achievement at the Grammys. Despite the intense focus on his upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers, Kelce didn’t hesitate to indulge in a romantic gesture for his beloved.

Travis Kelce is preparing for his second successive Super Bowl but Taylor Swift is never far from his thoughts

Swift’s unprecedented win at the Grammys, securing her fourth Album of the Year accolade, set the stage for Kelce’s romantic touchdown. The NFL star spared no expense, splurging on a spectacular bouquet of 300 roses worth $1,695, symbolizing the flourishing of their relationship.

In a nod to Swift’s status as a music icon, Kelce opted for Bulgari’s exquisite Diva collection of jewelry, reportedly spending nearly $9,000 on a necklace and earrings set. The choice reflected his desire to support and celebrate her achievements in a manner befitting a music diva.

Taylor will continue to dazzle with these stunning Bulgari earrings

The necklace, described as epitomizing the legacy of a diva, exudes feminine allure and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the Roman Baths of Caracalla. Meanwhile, the earrings, crafted in 18 kt rose gold, pay homage to the eternal city’s glamorous divas with their exquisite design.

Completing the ensemble was a stunning standing white rose bouquet, meticulously chosen to complement Swift’s white Grammys outfit and signify Kelce’s affection for his flower-loving partner.

Travis spent over $8,000 on his girlfriend, including a matching necklace and earring set

This isn’t the first time Kelce has demonstrated his thoughtful nature towards Swift. Previously, he arranged plush hotel suites during her European tour and planned romantic getaways to ease her hectic schedule. Their exchange of gifts during Christmas further highlighted their affectionate bond.

Swift’s PR team was contacted for additional comment by The U.S. Sun.

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