Exclusive Interview: Taylor Swift Claps Back at Cгіtісѕ for Judging Her Drinking Habits: “My Life, My гᴜɩeѕ, Not Up for deЬаte” RR

Exclusive Interview: Taylor Swift Claps Back at Critics for Judging Her Drinking Habits: “My Life, My Rules, Not Up for Debate”

When footage of the 34-year-old “Don’t Blame Me” songstress patiently awaiting on the field at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas went viral, fans were eager to decipher the content of the celebrity couple’s endearing exchange.

In a recent report by Bloomberg, it was highlighted how Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has played a significant role in revitalizing Las Vegas tourism, bringing it back to pre-COVID levels.

Addressing criticisms surrounding her drinking habits, Taylor Swift firmly asserted, “What I do with my life is nobody’s business. A bunch of losers.”

Thanks to a tech-savvy viewer, Swifties can now feel more connected as they catch a glimpse of Tayvis’ highly-publicized chat. Although initially unclear, another social media user managed to isolate the audio, unveiling the details of Swift’s conversation with the three-time Super Bowl champ in a second clip.

Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums eligible for Grammys, prompting 'greed' criticism

“Oh my God,” Swift exclaimed with excitement. “I cannot believe that. I can’t believe it. How did you do that?” she added, expressing her pride.

Following the Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Swift and Kelce continued the festivities at the afterparty, where they were spotted singing and dancing along to not one, but two of the international pop superstar’s hits.

In response to fan criticisms regarding Swift’s public consumption of alcohol shortly after her arrival at the field, a video surfaced on Thursday featuring a playful jab at her intoxicated self, set to her song “Nothing New” from the “vault” of the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album.

The clip depicted Swift, dressed in a powder blue sweater, singing the lyrics “I’ve had too much to drink” while images of her appearing disheveled at a party flashed across the screen. Captioned with “Drunk Taylor was her name. Mojitos were her game,” the photos were taken by Swift’s friends at the event, along with the hashtag #drunktaylor.

Swift revisited “Drunk Taylor” on Thursday, sharing posts on Instagram and TikTok with the caption, “I cringe but I miss her. Your move @phoebebridgers.” She tagged Bridgers, hinting at a potential collaboration.

During a recent appearance on a late-night show, Swift expressed her admiration for Bridgers’ voice, stating, “If she sings it, I will listen to it.” She emphasized the importance of having another female artist with whom she resonates to sing the song with her.

While Bridgers has yet to recreate “Drunk Taylor,” fans eagerly await the possibility of a collaboration between the two talented musicians.

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