EXCLUSIVE: Could Taylor Swift Miss Super Bowl 58? Tour Dates Clash Raises Questions

EXCLUSIVE: Could Taylor Swift Miss Super Bowl 58? Tour Dates Clash Raises Questions

Could Taylor Swift attend the Super Bowl? Her international tour dates pose a challenge
As the NFL’s grand event looms just weeks away, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. Amidst the excitement of determining the final contenders, one team stands out not just for its prowess on the field but also for the star power it commands off it.

The burning question on everyone’s mind: Will the devoted superfan, Taylor Swift, be in attendance to cheer on Travis Kelce and the Chiefs at the Super Bowl? As Kansas City embarks on a crucial road trip for a make-or-break showdown against Baltimore in the AFC Championship game, the uncertainty surrounding Swift’s involvement in the NFL season lingers.

The Sporting News offers the latest insights into the singer’s plans and schedule for February.

The primary condition for Swift’s potential attendance is Kansas City securing a Super Bowl berth, adding an extra layer of importance to the impending AFC Championship clash against the Ravens on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET. While the Chiefs might be considered underdogs on the road, they carry the weight of karma and a history of success as defending champions.

Super Bowl 58, scheduled for Sunday, February 11, in Las Vegas, poses a logistical challenge for Swift. The Eras Tour’s 2024 leg kicks off on February 7 in Tokyo, Japan, with four consecutive shows before heading to Australia for the next series of concerts. Swift’s final Tokyo performance is slated for February 10, leaving limited time for her to make it to the Super Bowl.

An advantageous factor is the significant time difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas—17 hours. If her last show concludes around midnight in Tokyo, it would be 7 a.m. on Saturday in Las Vegas. While the travel day remains extensive, Swift could potentially arrange her schedule to witness Kelce in the Super Bowl, aided by the use of a private plane to expedite her return.

Taylor Swift 2024 Eras Tour schedule

Here’s a look at Swift’s tour dates through February.

Date City
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, Feb. 8 Tokyo, Japan
Friday, Feb. 9 Tokyo, Japan
Saturday, Feb. 10 Tokyo, Japan
Friday, Feb. 16 Melbourne, Australia
Saturday, Feb. 17 Melbourne, Australia
Sunday, Feb. 18 Melbourne, Australia
Friday, Feb. 23 Sydney, Australia
Saturday, Feb. 24 Sydney, Australia
Sunday, Feb. 25 Sydney, Australia
Monday, Feb. 26 Sydney, Australia

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