Every Gordon Ramsay Reality TV Show, Ranked from Worst to Best.hanh

Every Gordon Ramsay Reality TV Show, Ranked from Worst to Best.hanh

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has hosted several reality TV shows of varying quality. While some have become super popular, others have sort of fizzled out and quietly disappeared, regardless of how good they actually are. Sure, you’ve probably heard of the long-running shows like Kitchen Nightmares or Hell’s Kitchen, but there’s a plethora of underrated Gordon Ramsay shows out there, too, many of which are well worth the watch.

Some see Gordon travelling while others see him yelling at underperforming cooks. Both of these options are entertaining in their own right. However, that’s not all that Ramsay has in store for his fans. In fact, there are many other shows out there that tackle lots of different premises.

20.‘Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance’ (2021)

Seasons: 1

Gordon on the set of 'Bank Balance'
Image via BBC

As far as Gordon Ramsay shows go, this one just didn’t make sense. First, it’s a game show that’s got nothing to do with cooking. Second of all, it lacks much of the “oomph” which makes Gordon such a lovable persona. The game in question involves balancing different sized bars of gold on a scale, and then answering a series of questions, with the winner receiving £100,000.

This is the only Gordon Ramsay show that received negative reviews, with critics deeming the game itself to be way too complicated and nearly unwinnable. On top of that, there was no reason to have Ramsay host the show. It could have been literally any other celebrity. Gordon’s shows work best when they showcase his cooking skills and his fiery temper. So it’s not a shocker that it was canceled after only one season.

19.‘Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars’ (2022-)

Seasons: 1

Gordon cooks with contestants
Image via 20th Century Fox

Food Stars is Ramsay’s most recent show and certainly isn’t his best, but it’s also not half bad. Granted, it hasn’t had time to blossom and flourish what with it still being brand-smacking new and all. So maybe it just needs a little time. The show is a competitive show that tests teams on their business practices, with Ramsay judging and overseeing the entire operation. Obviously, since Ramsay owns multiple businesses, it’s only fitting that he mentors impressionable young entrepreneurs about how to run their culinary institute. Even if they lose, they at least get some advice from a master.

The current show is based on a different show known as Gordon RamsaysFuture Food Stars, which is a British show that was promptly canceled after two seasons. This current iteration can be seen as an American spin on the original. The word “stars” in the title is due to the contestants being internet or television personalities, with names such as Eliza Strauss, Uncle Roger, Megan Meza, and Caroline d’Amore joining the show’s roster.

18.‘Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch’ (2015-2019)

Seasons: 5

The Ramsay family in a group hug
Image via BBC

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch is a show that follows Gordon’s daughter, Matilda Ramsay rather than the celebrity chef himself. The show is primarily intended for kids, and is broadcast on the Children’s BBC. Turns out Matilda, or “Tilly” as her father calls her, is also a pretty handy cook. A lot of the show focused on Tilly cooking rather than her father. Of course, her father does appear in the show too.

As Tilly cooks a meal for her family centered around a particular theme (which varies by episode), her siblings travel around the city and perform various challenges against each other. This makes the show consistently varied, which is a great way to keep your viewers interested. While it is a good show, it’s certainly not the strongest of the bunch, what with it being geared towards kids and all.

17.‘Hotel GB’ (2012)

Seasons: 1

The cast of 'Hotel GB'
Image via Channel 4

This five-episode miniseries sees a bunch of British celebs, Ramsay included, running a hotel for a week. Each celebrity takes on their own role, with Gordon taking on the role of Co-General Manager alongside Mary Portas. Why Ramsay wasn’t assigned the kitchen is another question for another day. While these TV personalities run the hotel, they make it their mission to employ young people in the area.

Among the rest of the hotel staff is Dr. Christian Jessen, who runs the health & wellness center, Kim Woodburn, who serves as a housekeeper, Kirsty Allsopp, who serves as the concierge, and Phil Spencer, the maître d’. The facilities of the hotel are managed by Gok Wan (bar), Katie Piper (spa), Jimmy Carr (events), and Hilary Devey (hotel shop), with TIm Lovejoy and Sara Cox serving as the social media team. The show was quickly given the boot due to low ratings, but even then, it wasn’t a terrible show. It’s fine, just a little odd.

16.‘Culinary Genius’ (2017)

Seasons: 1 (UK), 1 (US)

The cast of 'Culinary Genius'
Image via ITV

ITV gave this one a real shot, but for some reason it just wasn’t the smash hit they were expecting it to be. Such a shame, because the show is actually pretty great. At first, a UK series was released, followed by a US release later the same year, but neither really shattered expectations. It’s a real shame, because fellow judge Edward Lee and host Samantha Harris seemed to have pretty good chemistry with Gordon. The three were pretty fun to watch together.

Maybe this is because its cast of competitors is small, with only nine aspiring chefs competing against each other. Or maybe its because it just wasn’t as dramatic as Gordon Ramsay shows can be. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, because it doesn’t look like it’s coming back anytime soon. But it is worth checking out if you need more of Gordon, or if you just like cooking competitions in general.

15.‘Boiling Point’ (1999)

Seasons: 1

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