Discovery Unveiled: Researchers Find a Tiny Baby Animal and Realize There’s More to the Story.

The researchers working for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy were recently able to come across something rather amazing. They were inspecting some animal nest boxes in the North Head Sanctuary with the hope of finding something inside them. Inside one of these boxes, they discovered a tiny creature that was smaller than a pinky finger. The researchers were taken by surprise since the animal only weighed 7 grams.

The Tasmanian pygmy possum (Cercartetus lepidus) is the world's smallest  possum. Adults range from 6.6 to 7.5 centimetres (2.6 to 3.0 in) in  head-body length, with a 6 to 7.2 centimetres (2.4

The tiny creature was none other than an eastern pygmy possum baby. They have been recognized as one of the smallest possums that currently exist in the world. Discovering this eastern pygmy possum baby came as good news because it was an indicator that the possum population at the sanctuary was increasing. This meant that there would be more of them.

According to Dr. Viyanna Leo, one of the researchers, “It’s always a nice surprise finding a mum at home with new juveniles during our nest box checks.” Apparently, the eastern pygmy possums observed in the sanctuary are a reintroduced population. Therefore, encountering new juveniles is an indication that the creatures are happily breeding and adding to their numbers.

Cercartetus lepidus, Little Pygmy Possum

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy aims at improving the ecosystem of Australia by restoring native mammal species to this particular area. The eastern pygmy possums are nocturnal creatures that barely come out during the daytime. They are very small in size and are quite a rare sight. When the cold season arrives, the researchers are able to hold the sleepy creatures during routine checks.

“You can often remove them from nest boxes, and they will continue sleeping in your hand,” conveyed Dr. Leo. The eastern pygmy baby will be living in the nest box with his mother for some time until he becomes fully independent and thrives on his own. The possum population appears to be growing day by day and it is a sign that this tiny fella will have a bright future ahead. Don’t forget to have a look at the adorable pictures of this tiny creature as his soulful eyes are sure to warm your heart.

The very cute and equally small Western Pygmy Possum : r/aww

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