Dazzling at Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Taylor Swift Takes the Plunge in Sultry Black Dress, Joined by Best Friend Selena Gomez.

Over the last few years she has really come into her own in terms of her fashion picks.

Continuing to showcase her style evolution, Taylor Swift opted to take the plunge as she attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Slipping into a sultry black gown, the 26-year-old smouldered as she posed for pictures before catching up with her BFF Selena Gomez inside the bash.

Taking the plunge: Taylor Swift smouldered on Sunday evening at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills

Stylish squad: The 26-year-old was joined at the coveted bash by her bestfriend Selena Gomez

Arriving on the striped carpet, Taylor did well to parade her toned pins in the flesh baring number.

Swift’s floor length frock featured a very low cut neckline and a thigh high split as well as a train..

Still rocking her fringe bob, the multi-awardwinning singer stood tall in a pair of gold heeled sandals.

See Taylor Swift updates as she slips into a black gown to party at Vanity Fair Oscar bash

Taylor Swift takes the plunge in black at Vanity Fair part

Work it! Swift owned the striped carpet as she modelled the flesh baring floor length number

Picture perfect: Taylor put on a flawless display as she worked her angles for photographers

Statuesque: The multi-awardwinning singer’s gown featured a low cut neckline and a thigh high split

Bold and beautiful: Taylor stood tall in a pair of heeled sandals teamed with gold accessorises

Stunning: Swift was still rocking her super sleek fringe bob which was perfect for her eye makeup choice

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