Chelsea Legend Oscar Embarks on Heartwarming Adventure at Fame Park, Bonding with Animals

Mauricio Pochettino won’t accidentally sit in the home dugout at Tottenham

In his first game as Nottingham Forest manager, “Big Ron” made a big impression at the City Ground in 1999 when he unintentionally took his spot in front of the visiting team’s bench.

Before returning to Spurs on Monday night, Pochettino was questioned about that well-known error. At first, he mistook veteran manager Atkinson for Mr. Bean’s creator, Rowan Atkinson.

The Argentinian manager, who oversaw Tottenham from 2014 to 2019, said he wouldn’t make the same mistake when it came to the stadium’s layout after the momentary misunderstanding.

“Mr. Bean, huh? Before the confusion was clarified, Pochettino responded to the initial query, asking, “Is Ron Atkinson the actor?”

“Ah, right, right—I was picturing the actor. My spouse will murder me! “I told you, remember that is the name,” she will say.

“No, I promise not to repeat the same error. I am somewhat familiar with the away dugout. I was there with the architect when I designed the location, so I know exactly where it is.

“On the right is the local (home) and the away is on the left.”

On his first reunion with Tottenham since being fired four years ago, Pochettino is getting ready for a momentous occasion.

His time with the north London club, which includes qualifying for the Champions League final a few months before to his firing, is one he cherishes.

The 51-year-old rejected the idea of taking retribution for the way he left, even though he was determined to win.

In the middle of the table With just three Premier League victories from ten games, Chelsea is desperate for points to start the season, while Tottenham, who is still undefeated, is among the early leaders.

“I want to win,” declared Pochettino, who made his Stamford Bridge debut in the summer. I’m going to defeat them.

“However, I want to defeat my dad, my brothers, my friends, and my kids when we play—I even try to murder them!

We are competitive, and I want to win because I am competitive.

It’s not unique in any way. I don’t want to go there because I believe there will be retaliation. To what end?

It will be significant to me because we need to win; Chelsea must win for us to get the points.

“But not because it’s special because it’s against Tottenham.”

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