“Asio Technologies Unveils Cutting-Edge Geospatial Position Systems, Redefining Innovation at MiliPol”

Asio Technologies Present Innovative Geospatial Position Systems at MiliPol
Asio Technologies Present Innovative Geospatial Position Systems at MiliPol

Asio Technologies, a renowned developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defence solutions, presented its cutting-edge technological solutions that enable tactical mission planning and execution at the MiliPol exhibition in Paris. The company will showcase its ORION rugged mobile terminal for dismounted forces, which is fully operational and massively deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the current war, demonstrating its effectiveness in various combat scenarios. ORION enables off and on Grid mission planning, real-time navigation, and enhanced situational awareness using the Geographic Information System (GIS) database and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. It serves the individual soldier or commander up to the battalion level, allowing them to get real-time updates from each other regarding friendly and hostile forces, as well as additional mission-critical information.

“We are proud to showcase our cutting-edge geospatial position systems and tactical Battle Management Systems (BMS) at the MiliPol exhibition” said David Harel, the CEO of Asio Technologies. “Our technology is designed to provide a significant advantage to operating forces in the field, enhancing mission planning and execution. Today, ASIO Technologies is heading the IDF’s’ tactical BMS and GPS-denied operations, and we are operating an emergency support basis to ensure that all emerging needs are being answered.”

IDF soldiers using the ORION system in the current war
The Israel Defense Forces soldiers using the ORION system in the current war. (Photo by Asio Technologies)

ORION can securely communicate and interface with other Asio Technologies’ tactical solutions, such as the LYNX Tactical hand-held multi-function situation awareness system, to provide a fully integrated tactical combat suit for ground forces. LYNX is a tactical day/night augmentation system for fighting commanders that features powerful machine vision algorithms aimed to enhance tactical operation and situation awareness and reduce cognitive load. Fully versatile, it enables Field of View (FOV) and Infrared (IR) detector swap, and versatile Laser Range Finder (LRF) configuration. Alongside its unique solutions for the dismounted force, the company will present its innovative AeroGuradian vision-based navigation solution that ensures uninterrupted drone operations. Also in operational use by the IDF these days, AeroGuradian is a jam-proof navigation solution that enables accurate and autonomous navigation without relying on GNSS, even in environments where the GNSS signal is compromised, jammed, or simply unavailable. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine vision technology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced optics, and sensor fusion capabilities, it is an ideal solution for tactical platforms where size, weight, and power are defining parameters.

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