Alvís Stálwart’s Daring River Odyssey Through the Heart of Germony

Alvιs St?lwɑɾt’s On th? Riv?ɾ Cɾ?ssιn? In G??mɑn?

Th? Alvis St?lw??t st?n?s ?s ?n ?x?m?l??? h??v?-??t? ??m???? ???s?nn?l c???i?? ??v?l???? ?? Alvis in th? Unit?? Kin???m. Uni???l? ??si?n?? t? ??cilit?t? th? t??ns???t?ti?n ?? milit??? ???c?s ?n? ???i?m?nt ?c??ss ?iv??s, th? St?lw??t h?s ???v?n its ???ici?nc? ?n? ??sili?nc? in v??i??s c?n?licts ?n? w??s.




L?n?th: 6.5 m?t??s

Wi?th: 3.2 m?t??s

H?i?ht: 2.7 m?t??s

C?m??t W?i?ht:

28 t?ns


200 h??s???w?? ?i?s?l ?n?in?

M?xim?m S????: 56 km/h

H?????lic S?st?m:

E??i???? with ? h?????lic s?st?m c????l? ?? li?tin? th? v?hicl? ???v? th? w?t?? s????c?, ?ll?win? ??? ?iv?? c??ssin?s ?? t? 4.6 m?t??s ????.


R?t?t??l? t????t ?cc?mm???tin? ?ith?? ? 7.62mm m?chin? ??n ?? ? 12.7mm m?chin? ??n.


Activ? D???ns? S?st?m:

L?s?? w??nin? s?st?m ?n? sm?k? ???n??? l??nch??s ?nh?nc? th? St?lw??t’s ?ctiv? ????ns? c????iliti?s.

O????ti?n?l S?cc?ss:


Th? St?lw??t h?s ???n ? m?inst?? in th? B?itish A?m? ??? s?v???l ????s, ???nin? its st?i??s in c?n?licts s?ch ?s th? F?lkl?n?s W??, th? Fi?st G?l? W??, ?n? th? I??? W??. N?t??l?, ???in? th? Fi?st G?l? W??, it ?l???? ? ?iv?t?l ??l? in s???l? ?n? ????ctiv?l? t??ns???tin? t????s ?n? ???i?m?nt ?c??ss th? E??h??t?s Riv??.

In th? I??? W??, th? St?lw??t ?nc? ???in ??m?nst??t?? its ???w?ss, ?i?in? th? B?itish A?m? in c??ssin? th? Ti??is Riv?? s???l? ?n? ???ici?ntl?.



Th? Alvis St?lw??t ?m????s ?s ?n ????ctiv? h??v?-??t? ??m???? c???i?? with ? ???v?n t??ck ??c??? in v??i??s w??s ?n? c?n?licts. Its ?xc??ti?n?l ??ilit? t? n?vi??t? ?iv??s s???l? ?n? ???ici?ntl? h?s ???n ? k?? ??ct?? in its ?????ti?n?l s?cc?ss. As ?n int????l ???t ?? milit??? ?????ti?ns, th? St?lw??t’s c?nt?i??ti?n t? ?iv??-c??ssin? m?n??v??s in ch?ll?n?in? t????ins, s?ch ?s G??m?n?, h?s s?li?i?i?? its ????t?ti?n ?s ? ??li??l? ?n? v??s?til? ??m???? ???s?nn?l c???i??. Th? St?lw??t’s l???c? c?ntin??s t? th?iv? ?s it ?x?m?li?i?s ??sili?nc? ?n? ????t??ilit? in th? ??c? ?? ?iv??s? ?????ti?n?l ch?ll?n??s.

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