Left alone at a shelter while nine weeks pregnant, a mother dog delivers 14 adorable puppies, crafting a touching tale of new beginnings and resilience.hanh

Mam Nata was left in front of  IAPA  on Christmas Eve 22, she is around 8 weeks pregnant – nearly giving birth. When Instituto Amor em Patas…

Mam Nata was left in front of IAPA on Christmas Eve 22, she is around 8 weeks pregnant – nearly giving birth.

When Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) found her, she’s very weak, couldn’t stand up, she was also terrified, they took a while to calm her down. Her owner left her because she was terrified about her approaching puppies.

When she first saw the shelter volunteers, she was so guarded that she used all of her energy to keep them away – protecting mother – but after a while, she relaxed her guard and became sociable.

“Look at her belly – it maybe 13 or 14 babies inside. We attempt to schedule her test for tomorrow because she is quite weak.” A volunteer stated.

“Tonight will be a very long night for Natajuli and for us. Prepare for her ultrasound to ensure that everything is in order.”

Natajuli is allowed to return to the shelter with the aid required for the kids’ delivery, and she succeeds – the first baby is a very bright young boy.

“Can you count how many puppies there are? It’s 14 – Natajuli gave birth to 14 adorable babies.”

Natajuli and her 14 babies were taken to the vet for a short check-up, ultrasound, and blood tests; she is red-faced. Her 14 puppies are all plump and weigh a lot.

“I almost sobbed when I saw her smiling, her babies are so lovely – I just want to kiss them.”

“I forgot to name them, 14 tiny prettiest – should be a difficult task to name them. Anyone loves to name them – and give them a name, let suggest the name you adore in the comment!!.”

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