Adorable Pup Found Abandoned in Ditch with Only a Blanket for Comfort. nobita

Sweet Pup Was Abandoned In A Ditch With Nothing But A Blanket

All pups in this world long to be loved and treasured just like they deserve. As their parents, we do our best to give our fur babies the best life possible. Seeing them smile every morning when we wake up is the highlight of our day.

We wish all canines had owners who care about them deeply and wish to make them happy. Sadly, many dogs are let down and abandoned by the very people who should be their greatest protectors – their owners.

Today’s story is about Mica, an adorable canine who was heartlessly dumped and left lying on a blanket in a ditch. Hungry and cold, she curled up and hoped that somebody would notice her and bring her to safety.

Finding And Rescuing Mica

abandoned dog laying on an old blanket outdoor
Source: The Dodo

When Diana, an animal lover and rescuer, saw the abandoned pup shaking with fear in the ditch, her heart sank. She started talking to her and sending her kisses, trying to reassure her that everything would be fine.

Since she didn’t want to scare her away, Diana approached her slowly and carefully. She managed to secure her with a leash.

dog sits outdoor
Source: The Dodo

She carried her to her car and the pup, later named Mica, buried her face into her arms. Mica was still shaking and Diana stroked her gently, trying to make her feel safe.

She contacted her friend, Samantha Dix, a dog rescuer and the founder of Street Life To The Sweet Life, who immediately said she would foster her.

Samantha and her husband, George, foster canines through Lola’s Lucky Day, a non-profit organization that rescues animals in Houston, and Dallas, Texas.

A Loving Foster Home

rescued dog standing
Source: The Dodo

Samantha’s heart melted when she saw sweet Mica for the first time. The pup had the most beautiful brindle color and white socks. She gave her a much-needed bath.

Mica was still a bit scared, and her foster parents gave her some time to relax before they could introduce her to their other dogs.

The adorable pup was a bit shy at first. Her foster parents stroked her gently and showered her with love. Mica soaked up their love and affection.

She was grateful that she could enjoy the warmth of a loving home. Mica loved her foster parents and she gave them the cutest kisses.

young man kissing dog
Source: The DoDo

The delightful pooch had a lovely way of showing them that she was happy.

“She would just dance really fast in front of you. Her whole body wiggles. Definitely would let you know when she was happy, which was all the time,” said Samantha.

One of the things she loves the most is carrying her foster parents’ shoes in her mouth and rearranging them the way she liked.

Mica Gets Her Happy Ending

happy woman with dog and a toy
Source: The Dodo

After spending three weeks with Samantha and George, the sweet dog was ready to move into her forever home.

Ruff Start Rescue, a partner of Lola’s Lucky Day, found her a wonderful home in Minnesota and made Mica’s biggest wish come true.

The lovely pup, now named Ewa, has never been happier. She adores her family and she is the biggest cuddle bug. Her parents love her immensely.

We’re thrilled that Ewa got the happy ending she always wanted.

Sadly, there are many abandoned and stray animals who need help. These innocent animals count on us. If you happen to come across a homeless animal, please reach out to a local animal shelter or a rescue. By doing so, you’ll be giving them a chance to find their forever home.

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