A Series Of Clothes That Taylor Swift Prepared For The Eras Show in Paris: A Lot Of Luxury Brands – Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood,… And More. nobita

A Series Of Clothes That Taylor Swift Prepared For The Eras Show in Paris: A Lot Of Luxury Brands – Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood,… And More. nobita

American singer Taylor Swift flaunts her figure in a series of outfits on the Eras Tour France stage.

According to Pagesix , Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour caused a fever in Paris with four shows from May 9 to 12 on the La Defense Arena stage. The first night, 45,387 spectators immersed themselves in the music.

To refresh the image, Taylor prepared a few more outfits, and also remade a few worn versions by changing colors. On the first night, when singing But Daddy I Love Him, So High School, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?, Down Bad, Fortnight , she wore a white taffeta dress by Vivienne Westwood. Printed design of lyrics from the new album The Tortured Poets Department . Photo: Vivienne Westwood

With a crop top design with a short A-line skirt, she asked fashion house Roberto Cavalli to make three identical sets with only different colors, corresponding to three designs of Christian Louboutin’s embellished shoes. Photo: Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli’s design includes three color pairs: pink – blue, green – red, orange – purple. All are processed with ombre and emulsion techniques, creating eye-catching effects on stage. Photo: Roberto Cavalli

When performing gentle ballads, she wore a cut-out red fuchsia dress by Alberta Ferretti. Photo: Ferretti

Similar to the shimmery dresses, Roberto Cavalli also prepared three mullet dresses made of soft pleated ombre-dyed silk. All three sets feature pops of orange, pink and navy blue, combined with classic 1920s silver shoes made by Christian Louboutin. Photo: Roberto Cavalli

Taylor Swift looks strong in a bra top set with white high-waisted pants, combined with a matching jacket. Vivienne Westwood’s Haute Couture designs are made in hundreds of hours. Photo: Vivienne Westwood

Taylor Swift shows off her romantic style with a silk chiffon dress by Alberta Ferretti. Photo: Ferretti

After France, the singer will perform in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and Austria.

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