AЬапdoпed Calf Finds Hope: Dog's Arrival Transforms Its Fate. nobita

AЬапdoпed Calf Finds Hope: Dog’s Arrival Transforms Its Fate. nobita

In 2020, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner’s Gentle Barn took in a calf who had recently lost its mother. They rescued the calf from a slaughterhouse where his mother had perished, and he was only a week old. They named him John Lewis Thunderheart because he was a fighter.

Upon arriving at The Gentle Barn, Lewis was not in the best of health. “He had severe pneumonia. He had loud, raspy breathing. He had a deep cough. He had an extremely high temperature,” Ellie recounted.

Due to the stressful conditions in which he was born, Lewis did not receive sufficient colostrum to develop a stronger immune system. This is why, when he contracted pneumonia, he had to fight for his life.

Recognizing that he would not survive in the barn, they brought him inside their air-conditioned home. He required a clean and cool environment, and this way, they could care for him 24/7. There was also another animal living inside the house who would turn out to be a huge blessing for Lewis. His name was Sky.

The Gentle Barn took in Sky from his previous owner, who could not keep up with his energy level. They were not supposed to adopt him, but they discovered that Sky was an excellent therapy dog. He makes people laugh, softens the hearts of those with anger issues, and calms people who are nervous.

That is why he was the ideal companion for Lewis while he recuperated. “Sky protected him, comforted him, and lay down right next to him, curling up beside him,” Ellie recounted. “We just kept pouring love and comfort into him until he gradually began to heal.”

When Lewis was strong enough to venture outside, they discovered that Lewis and Sky had formed a strong bond. “They run all over the yard and play-fight. Sky is very mouthy like a puppy, and Lewis is wobbly like a cow, but somehow they make it work and understand each other,” Ellie shared.

As Ellie took Lewis around the farm for walks and to meet the other cows, Sky accompanied them to assist Lewis in adapting to his new life on the farm. When they brought in Lewis, he weighed only 50lbs at one week old. He is now two years old and weighs over a thousand pounds. He is now much bigger than Sky.

Due to the significant weight difference between them, they are no longer as physical with each other. However, it does not prevent them from expressing their affection for each other.

Lewis will lie down on the ground, and Sky will be all over him. He will lick Lewis and lie down beside him. “Watching Lewis and Sky together, there is so much to be grateful for. What I appreciate the most is that, regardless of how old or big they become, their love continues,” Ellie said of their bond. “To us, we see a dog and a cow. But to John Lewis and Sky, they just see friends, family, and love.”

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