15 Hilarious Wildlife Photography Contest wіппeгѕ That Will Make You Laugh oᴜt Loud

15 Hilarious Wildlife Photography Contest wіппeгѕ That Will Make You Laugh oᴜt Loud

Hopefully, these photos will get you inspired about conservation and they might just convince you to head into the great outdoors with your camera! The team behind the spectacular Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was happy to answer Bored Panda’s questions. You’ll find our interview with them as you read on. More info: ComedyWildlifePhoto.com | Facebook | Instagram | X

#1 Junior Category Winner & People’s Choice Winner “Dispute” By Jacek Stankiewicz

DBGo to your room!▲ 111 ▼


#2 Highly Commended: “Don’t Look Down” By Brian Matthews

StrangePenguinaww▲ 105 ▼


#3 Highly Commended: “Snowball” By Jacques Poulard

GlassHalfWaySo floofy▲ 91 ▼

#4 Underwater Category Winner “Otter Ballerina” By Otter Kwek

Sheri LytleOtter YOGA!….lol▲ 88 ▼

#5 Highly Commended: “The Happy Turtle” By Tzahi Finkelstein

Sheri LytleThe turtle is saying…”oh come on now, just a couple steps back!”▲ 87 ▼

#6 Highly Commended: “Monday Blahs” By John Blumenkamp

JayjayI can relate to this on not just monday mornings :).▲ 84 ▼

#7 Overall Winner & Creatures Of The Land Winner “Air Guitar Roo” By Jason-Moore

DBAir guitar. Cool.▲ 77 ▼

#8 Highly Commended: “That Wasn’t Here Yesterday” By Wendy Kaveney

LyopPerfect caption!▲ 71 ▼

#9 Highly Commended: “One For The Family Album” By Zoe Ashdown

GlassHalfWayLook what we made▲ 66 ▼

#10 Highly Commended: “Fox With A Cigar” By Dakota Vaccaro

Multa NocteThe problem with young animals is that they are SO cute that you have an almost irresistible urge to want to cuddle them, which, of course, is the last thing that is good for either of you. ?▲ 58 ▼

#11 Portfolio Category Winner “I Finally Learned To Fly… Or Not?” By Tímea Ambrus

Cathy McGeeJump for joy!▲ 58 ▼

#12 Highly Commended: “The Rainforest Dandy” By Delphine Casimir

Head_on_a_StickDraw me like one of your French girls.▲ 56 ▼

#13 Highly Commended: “Boing” By Lara-Mathews

Sheri LytleBOO!! come on Mom, play with me!▲ 51 ▼

#14 Creatures Of The Air Winner “Unexpected Plunge” By Vittorio Ricci

LyopWho pushed me??!!!▲ 47 ▼

#15 Highly Commended: “Look At Right Bro” By Pratick Mondal

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