аmаzіпɡ Dwarf Family Stops Bullies

They were bullied and treated like nothing.

a father was disheartened and told he wouldn’t succeed in starting a family—whether through making love, actually supporting the family, or other means.

For one to be the head of a family, they said he won’t make it.

They even told his wife that getting married to him was like committing suicide, but he went against all odds.

Now their family is bitting bullies and dreaming big.

At first, whereas Afrimax visited the shortest family in the world, they shared with us their day life, how they made critics of people and their life in general.

Afrimax, together with volunteers and other people, started supporting this family and ever since their life has not been the same.

You know that there exists a family of only shortest people in the world.

In the eastern side of the country, there exists shortest man in the world who lives with other shortest people.

He shared with us the experience of living such a life in the society and her wife was just a neighbor since long ago.

They knew each other long time ago.

They loved each other, got married, then produced these children.

We made a follow-up to this family and visited them back their planning big.

They now joined the movie industry.


We never knew that they are talented at this level.

They want to leave a mark on Hollywood, all because of afromax, as they say.

I thank of remarks for making this happen from the deep of my heart.

God bless you abundantly.

They have a zeal for changing the movie industry worldwide.

They have been fans of movies since long ago.

They have a lot of show in the society and the world at large, meet the world’s shortest family.

Once again, people try to say society the most cowardly act a man could ever commit- i don’t think that’s true at all- was cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide?

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper.

They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless.

We are playing movies and i’m trying hard to see whether it can also be productive.

I have a brother who has skills in movie making, so i have talked to him about that

And we planned a big project and so far we have made like three episodes.

We’re trying.

That’s why i would recommend my friend to support me and subscribe on my channel.

The movie we have has a clear message to the people.

Despite people’s appearances we are all equal.

Most especially is based on a true story of how different people treated us poorly because of our dwarfism.

In that movie people harass me and bully me anyhow.

They even steal my properties when i’m there and run away.

As long as they know, i can’t make big steps and follow them.

And that’s part of the story.

In that story i’m persecuted because of my dwarfism, and this has always happened on me.

For me.

I act as a comedian.

I dance, but in a funny way i can’t even show you how i do it.

I also act real-life things, as when i’m dating a toggle, showing people that there are no limitations to anyone, whether short or tall.

You can fall in love.

I know how to use a computer.

I have basic computer skills like making composition, editing videos and other few things.

The idea came after work in town and i could get him to watch movies.

Then heard passion of movies and realized is one of the things i can perform well and it can turn out to be a profession.

Right now i don’t have full equipment like cameras, recorders, lighting and so on.

I rent what i use.

Maybe later i’ll be able to get enough money and buy them, but if there’s anyone out there who can help me out, you’re welcome.

I have plenty of actors, even starting from my own family.

This one, that one and everyone here is a good actor or actress.

I also need other actors from elsewhere.

I won’t just stop, i’ll keep on until the day i’ll have my own equipment.

I realized this can help someone generate income.

As you see, we are not that strong to perform those activities that require so much energy left: lifting things and so on.

Even the last time you phoned us digging for me, i can’t manage, that was because i had no any other choice.

There is one you see and realize that there is something which can provide for your family forever, just like my children can’t manage to do such heavy activities as mentioned above.

But acting is our passion and we can do it.

We can even change other people’s lives through acting.

So i want to inherit acting career to my children so that they will grow up having them acting mentality and doing it professionally, knowing that that’s where their earning will come from.

Even my grandchildren will grow knowing two things right from birth: one camera rolling to action, and they’ll go on knowing the rest as they grow.

Life is all about going through upward and all in to pursue our dreams.

Don’t let the kind of obstacle and failure pin you down or push you against your success of life.

Fight hard the battle of life and take challenges with courage, determination and perseverance.

Just keep moving forward with hope, and this day is not far when life will put the crown on your head as a successful human being.

Yeah, I also started acting, though the movie in which i’m featured in is not yet released.

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